Depot Sofia

At the end of 2012 Gasdrade SA became a partner with Gazprom Neft.

Gasdrade SA sold a perfect part of its warehouse base for storage of LPG and liquid fuels- Kostinbrod of Gazprom Neft.

Gastrade AD remains the operator of “LPG storage facility” with its propane-butane tanks (24 x 400 m 3, with a total geometric volume of 9600 m 3) and the adjoining facilities.

“Gazprom Neft” becomes an operator of “Warehouse for Liquid Fuel ” with the liquid fuel tanks and the service facilities in it.

The “LPG storage facility” with operator “Gastrade” SA is a licensed excise tax duties warehouse.

The depot is constructed on 55 000 square m. of land and consists from the following:


I. LPG part (operational since April 2005):

  1. LPG tank park – 9600 cubic m. (24×400 cubic m.);
  2. Filling and discharging skid for 4 RTCs;
  3. Filling and discharging skid for 2 trucks;
  4. Pumping station: 3 pumps and 2 compressors.


II. Liquid fuels part (operational since August 2008):

  1. Tank park for gasoline – 4500 cubic m. (3×1500 cubic m.);
  2. Tank park for diesel – 9500 cubic m. (3×2000; 1×3500 cubic m.);
  3. Tank park for biodiesel – 1500 cubic m. (1×1500 cubic m.);
  4. Underground tanks 3x 50 cubic m. – biodiesel, bioethanol, premium gasoline. 

All tanks are built with double bottoms and double walls complying with latest EC standard and equipped with floating roof.


      5.   Pumping station: 12 pumps;

6.   Filling and discharging skid for 3 RTCs;

7.   Filling and discharging skid for 3 trucks, equipped with systems for blending and  

      additivation of products.


Further to run the depot Gastrade SA has constructed:

– 2.5 km railway road

– electricity generator

– diesel generator (emergency electricity supply)

– garage for trucks

– depot for railway engines

– pumping station for fire purposes

– tanks for water for fire purposes – 1000 cubic m.

– pumping station for extinguishing and cooling of tanks

– RTCs weight bridge

– trucks weight bridge

– operators houses

– administrative building


For further development of its inland terminal, the company additionally acquired 34 000 square m of land on which the following project is started:

1.      Tank park for liquid fuels – 80 000 cubic m .(4×20 000 cubic m.), equipped with pumping station and RTCs skid for 8 RTCs

2.      LPG Cylinder filling station – 16 holes






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