Depot Varna

 Warehouse base for LPG and liquid fuels and harbour for ships unloading on the territory of the Beloslav Lake /Varna region / situated on an area of 150 000 м2

Gastrade SA possesses a plot of land on the Black Sea coast (20 km from city of Varna) – 150 000 square meters. The plot is approved by Republic of Bulgaria Council of Ministers as “Sea terminal for unloading of LPG and liquid fuels together with the necessary storage facilities for the products”. Project wade of the terminal is 10.2 m. The project consists of 2 main parts:



I. LPG part:

  1. LPG tank park – 1000 cubic m. (5 x 200 cubic m.) – constructed;
  2. LPG tank park – 7000 cubic m. (4000 cubic m. – constructed , 3000 cubic m. – under construction);
  3. Filling and discharging skid for 7 RTCs – constructed;
  4. Filling and discharging skid for 2 trucks – constructed;
  5. Pumping station: 5 pumps and 2 compressors – constructed;

II. Liquid fuels part:

  1. Tank park for gasoline – 5000 cubic m.(1×5000 cubic m.);
  2. Tank park for diesel – 5000 cubic m.(1×5000 cubic m.);
  3. Tank park for diesel  – 300 cubic m.(6×50 cubic m.) – under construction;
  4. Pumping station: 4 pumps- under construction;
  5. Filling and discharging skid for 4 RTCs- under construction;
  6. Filling and discharging skid for 2 trucks, equipped with systems for blending and 

      additivation of products – under construction.


Further to run the depot Gastrade SA is to construct within 2010 the following:

– 1 km railway road

– electricity generator

– diesel generator (emergency electricity supply)

– garage for trucks

– depot for railway engines

– pumping station for fire purposes

– pumping station for extinguishing and cooling of tanks

– RTCs weight bridge

– trucks weight bridge

– operator houses

– administration building



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